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Autumn has an incredible and uncommonly found set of skills and ways to treat clients. She is very educated, thorough, intuitive, efficient. I am so relieved to have finally found, after nearly 20 years for some of my issues, a practitioner who can actually help me!

I simply need to tell Autumn everything that is going on with my body no matter where it is or what the issue is…she is able to address everything I have brought up during visits. Amazing! --Claudia

I have to tell you…I’m amazed - really - at how you made my ankle pain go away!!! It left that day and is gone. I CAN’T tell you how relieved and grateful I am. I’m crying. Thanks, Autumn. --Lisa

Autumn is Fantastic! Being a right side sleeper, I tend to crush my right arm. Late 2007 I began to think I had arthritis because for about a month or two I couldn’t bend my middle finger all the way without tightness/pain. Autumn located the problem at the biceps near the shoulder. Who’d have thunk it?! She then relieved a trigger point that was obviously causing shortness in the train of muscle leading to my right hand which also helped to restore proper circulation to that side. I never had a problem with “arthritis” again. ;-) --Rorie

I’ve utilized Autumn’s services for 2-3 years now. Sometimes for myself on body alignment or hamstring pull recovery and also for my wife and children. She has corrected ever issue so far, issues that previously I had seen my family physician or chiropractor on and they weren’t able to correct the issue. My son plays football and had a problem with swelling around the right knee, had that problem for 4 years. This year he played college ball and never had a problem with his knee. Her knowledge and caring make her an exceptional therapist! --Keith

Autumn knows the body and its alignment. She knows how to repair the tissue, muscle, and ligament issues. For me she is better than a physical therapist because she knows what she is doing and she gets results. Not only is she careful, but she explains everything to you, teaching you what you can do to keep healthy on your own. Autumn is the best. Try her. You will be totally surprised at what she can do for your pain. --Ed

I have had constant trouble with my neck and back after a car accident 35 years ago. After many doctors, chiropractors and pain I am finally feeling back to my old self after going to Autumn. She has helped me like no one in the past could do. Autumn is knowledgeable, attentive and can pinpoint problem areas quickly. I would recommend her to anyone with pain no matter where it is. Thanks for making my life so much better! --Patti

Autumn works with everyone I know and she is able to relieve even the most painful joint pain. Her skill-set is far beyond anyone’s I have ever encountered, yet she continues her education path striving for even greater results. I cannot thank Autumn enough for all of the relief she has brought to my life and the life of my family. After I had ankle surgery she was able to reduce the scar tissue and ensure that the joint maintained its flexibility with minimal discomfort. Autumn also shows her patients ways to stay in balance in between treatments as well. THANKS, Autumn! God truly has blessed you with a special gift. --Debbie

Autumn is no ordinary massage therapist, she is a miracle worker. After years and years of playing sports I was having lower back issues happening in my old age, after one session with Autumn I couldn’t believe I had dealt with this for a long time. I wanted more - so I went back and she was able to really get my body back into alignment - from my hips, to my neck and of course my back. She also provided me with ideas, therapy I could do on my own to help me keep up with all my therapy. I would recommend Autumn to anyone. --Jane

After an auto accident I was introduced to Autumn by a friend. I started off in physical therapy for a shifted hip, foot and shoulder problems. After the allotted time was up with the therapist I was stuck still in pain. I met Autumn. She scheduled me in and I am so grateful. She cleared up my problems that were causing the pain from the accident. She has also helped my daughter over the years with kinks due to sports. She is wonderful and trustworthy. Thank you, Autumn!! We appreciate you so much. --Cindy

Autumn has a great practice that is unlike any other. I was told I would always have the lower back pain I suffered with. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and she walked in as the trainer was trying to help me figure out how to get some movement in my hips. Autumn worked with me briefly and said she could help me if I came back. I made an appointment for the next day and within an hour was walking normal and was pain free. I can’t count the number of referrals I’ve sent in that are also amazed in the relief she has given them also. --Jackie

I’m so grateful I was given Autumn's name by an old friend. My daughter has suffered from constant headaches for years. After a few minutes with Autumn and her magic hands the headache was gone. My neck has bothered me since my teens because I carry all my tension through my shoulders and base of my neck. Autumn has eased all that misery. Because we are constantly jarring our bodies by falling or injuring ourselves. I want to continue "maintenance” on my frame through the Ursa sessions. I have sent so many family members to Autumn and they have each had a positive experience. She’s even helped my four-year-old grandson with the pain in his feet. Old internal surgery scars have been loosened up and my body feels more like it should. My left wrist was broken in 1999 and after some work on it, any stiffness I had in movement is gone. I think the Ursa techniques are an amazing lost art and would recommend these sessions to anyone. Also, Autumn is just a sweet and personable care provider! If you’ve ever suffered from a serious accident, injury or surgery, go see Autumn! Even if you haven’t and you just feel strange pain…go see Autumn! --Melodie

I went in to Autumn for the first time with neck and back pain and in the process mentioned to her that I had been diagnosed with Acid Reflux about a year earlier. Autumn was able to break up and release some scar tissue adhesions in my stomach and I have not experienced any pain since and I was able to stop taking my medication. Autumn not only has a vast amount of knowledge, but she also has the ability to explain what is going on with your body in a way that someone without any training can understand. I feel like I have a much greater understanding of what is going on my body than I ever did. And now when I experience pain or notice something going on, I don’t feel stress wondering what it is and how bad it is. Autumn has given me confidence in my healing and recovery. I recommend her to everybody. --Alecia

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